Portfolio of Services

  • Employee Handbook
    An employee handbook is the centerpiece of an effective HR program. Our customized handbooks are compliant with all Federal and State requirements. Each handbook includes a welcome statement, history of your Company, your vision, mission and values, and your Company logo. Handbooks contain general employment policies based on your Company’s specific needs and number of employees, standards of conduct, employee expectations, payroll, timekeeping, benefits, and safety requirements. Learn more
  • Forms & Documents Library
    The right form at the right time saves valuable time and money. We have various forms to help you manage your employees while protecting your business. Everything from applications with no illegal questions to change of status, confidentiality agreements to independent contractors, emergency contact to exit interviews – and more. Of course, your logo can be added to most forms for branding Learn more
  • Onboarding Process
    What is the first impression that your employees will have of your Company? How you onboard or orient new employees is very important. HRsmallbiz.com helps you by providing all the documents you need – orientation checklist, onboarding flow charts, new employee data sheets, I-9, W-4, uniform and other deductions, applicant tracking sheets, direct deposit, etc.. Learn more
  • Discipline & Performance
    The best way to protect your company from litigation, law suits and penalties centers on how well you inform, educate, discipline and measure employee performance. Consistency and documentation is key. We provide Warning forms for verbal, written, suspension and termination. We also have customized evaluations for 30, 60 and 90 days, in addition to annual employee and manager appraisals. Learn more
  • Job Descriptions
    A well written job description can be used as a foundation for job posting, advertising, interviewing, training and promotions. HRsmallbiz.com will help you develop competencies and customized job descriptions that embrace your culture, values and mission. Learn more
  • Policies & Procedures
    Why reinvent the wheel? Make sure your policies and procedures support and protect your company. We have policies and procedures already designed with you in mind. From how to set up your files to which documents you must retain and for how long; from minimum wage to time off; from pay practices to deductions. Whatever the question…there’s a policy for that. Learn more
  • Wage & Hour Compliance (Federal / By State)
    Let HRsmallbiz.com help you navigate the many Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Laws. We understand the alphabet soup of employment law – FLSA, OSHA, EEO, AAP, ADA, COBRA, HIPPA, FMLA, and other laws. Learn more
  • Consultation Services
    HRsmallbiz.com is primarily a web-based HR support system for small business owners. However, we offer on-site consultation services for those companies who need help with investigations, customized training, pre-audit compliance and HR generalist support.

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